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The Company

We’re Proud of Our Company History


In the beginning, the J. Edwin Aspinall Company, now known as Aspinall Associates, Inc. had its humble beginnings back in 1939. As with any new business in those post-depression days, it was a struggle for the first couple of years. The economy was rough until 1941 when the company had the good fortune of being appointed as the Indiana Representative for The Sloan Valve Company. The rest is history! Bradley, Eemax, Oasis, and T & S Brass are just a few of the top-drawer manufacturers that were added to the Aspinall portfolio through the years.

In 1957, Mr. Paul W. Vogt joined the company. The J. Edwin Aspinall Company was incorporated in 1964 and became Aspinall Associates, Incorporated, today also known as “AAI”. Paul Vogt assumed the leadership role in 1975 and directed the company until July of 1998. During that 23 years watch, he successfully led the company through the post Viet Nam war economy, and several recessions as well as a few boom economies. After 41 years as a manufacturer’s representative, and 23 years of leadership, Mr. Paul Vogt commands a great deal of respect from their principals, customers, and even our competitors in the market place. Paul retired as President of Aspinall Associates in July of 1998, but continues to this day with the company on a part time basis. His advice, direction and consulting is a tremendous resource and greatly valued by his two sons who succeeded him.

RT Vogt, – Chairman / CEO / CFO and Randy Vogt, CPMR – President, have a combined total of over 84 years’ experience between them in the Plumbing and Heating industry. RT Joined the company in 1974 and Randy began 7 years later in 1981. Like the gentlemen before them, they realize that the representative business is solely based around one’s ability to service their customer’s needs. To keep such a high level of customer service excellence, they have surrounded themselves with bright, knowledgeable and industry experienced people. See staff page

Some may call us just a little “Old Fashioned” for still espousing the “Golden Rule”, but we feel that the most important thing that we can do for our customers is to treat them the way that they would want to be treated!

Yes, Aspinall Associates, Inc., one of the first representative agencies in the area, has a rich history, and a large following. We attribute 100% of our success to our great customers and fine manufacturers we represent. After 83 years in the Indiana and Kentucky markets you could say we’ve become a bit of an Industry Standard or Model by which all other agencies measure themselves.

Aspinall Associates, Inc. is often imitated, but never replicated!

They Believe in Their Company Philosophy

At Aspinall Associates, Inc. the “Golden Rule” still lives! We greatly appreciate your friendship and business partnerships! Our pledge to you is that we will set out to earn your respect, friendship, and business each and every day!

Our mission is to be a market-driven agency dedicated to upholding the tradition of providing unparalleled business solutions for today’s plumbing and heating industry! We attain these solutions by delivering specialized knowledge and expertise to the marketplace as well as the willingness to be an advocate for our clients as well as our manufacturers.

“Your Friends at Aspinall Associates, Inc.”

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